Annual Amberwoods HOA Meeting

AmberwoodsAnnualMeeting cutout

For ongoing decisions that will enhance value of our properties, your attendance and participation at Annual Meetings is essential!

The Annual Meeting and social get-together for Amberwoods Homeowners Association will be held at:

7 PM on Tuesday, March 20, 2018

at 11773 Hollyview Drive

Changes made to Bylaws in 2015 allowed for email notice of the Annual Meeting, Annual Assessment, and Proxy with directive to obtain details on the website. As a courtesy to all, in 2018 your HOA Board provided details via two USPS mailings, email via the HOA Bulletin, an EVITE for homeowners to RSVP, as well as this HOA website. If anyone requires USPS mail in the future, please submit written request to the Amberwoods HOA Board.

A quorum is required to conduct business at the Annual Meeting. Prior to the Annual Meeting, your Proxy becomes available on this website with optional delivery methods before March 15, 2018. Each home/lot owned is allowed one vote. Voting is allowed only for homeowners who have paid Annual Assessments. Per the Bylaws a member may revoke their Proxy anytime prior to the vote closing. If you cannot attend the Annual Meeting, delivery of your signed Proxy confirmation is extremely important.

Amberwoods residents and homeowners, please Register to be able to Login and gain access to your Proxy, current and previous year Budgets, and PowerPoint Presentation of the Annual Meeting.

Annual Assessment for 2018 is $350, payable to Amberwoods Homeowners Association, P.O. BOX 328, Great Falls, VA 22066. Due date is March 15, 2018. See Annual Assessment & Payment for payment details.