This presentation of Amberwoods of Great Falls history is by no means to be considered all-encompassing research. Content is heavily condensed from historical records, newspaper and magazine articles, and interviews with current knowledgeable residents of the area. It is hoped that your interest and imagination are stimulated enough to envision the lifestyle, land use, strife and joy of those who came before Amberwoods homes existed.

We thank the following contributors of information:
  • Walter O Harrison, Jr. and his wife Evelyn Harrison (Descendants of original Dranesville settlers and owners of Dranesville Auto Service from 1946 and are parents of David Harrison, current owner.)
  • Marlene Baugh, Relator (Worked with Halle Enterprises and lived with her family in Holly Knoll I, II, and III ‘Amberwoods’)
  • Nelson Kibler, Amberwoods Neighbor
  • Elan magazine ‘Dranesville’ articles by Karen Washburn (Fairfax County History Commission; Former VP, Great Falls Citizens’ Association)
  • Nikki Johnson, Amberwoods Board Member (for condensing reams of material into this website presentation — more to come!)