Property Inspections

One of the overarching goals of Amberwoods of Great Falls Homeowners Association is to enhance the value of our neighborhood. In response to homeowner concerns, our HOA Board is committed to encouraging property maintenance and compliance in accordance with our existing Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions and Bylaws.

To initiate this effort, Capitol Property Management is tasked to conduct exterior property inspections, accompanied by a representative of our Amberwoods Architectural Review Board.  This will be a ‘street view’ inspection. The results will be presented to the HOA Board for disposition and subsequent notification of non-compliance to homeowners and residents.

Because of Covid-19 state restrictions our 2021 Spring inspections may be delayed. You may want to review and improve the condition of your property before the inspection. You may download or view the Property Inspection Checklist.

Amberwoods of Great Falls Property Inspection Checklist