Playground and Sports Park

Holly Knoll Park

  • Tennis Court and Backboard
  • 2 Pickleball Courts with a Backstop Net
  • Basketball Half-Court
  • Picnic Benches & Tables
  • Swings
  • Do-It-Yourself Action Equipment
  • Climb & Slide Play Station

Amberwoods of Great Falls shares park facilities with Holly Knoll II residents. Bring your food basket and young ones for playground fun and meal at the new picnic tables. Definitely quality time for any member of your family!

The Holly Knoll court renovation is complete as of October 2023.  We have a newly refurbished tennis court, pickleball courts, and basketball hoops!


Park rules established by Holly Knoll II Association apply to Amberwoods of Great Falls users. The following is condensed from the Amberwoods HOA agreement with Holly Knoll II HOA.

  1. Users are individually responsible for any damage to the facilities
  2. Facilities are limited to the playground and tennis courts situated on east side of Rolling Holly Drive and the ball field on the west side of Rolling Holly Drive
  3. Individuals on the premises after dark and any other unauthorized use will be considered trespassing and reported to Fairfax County Police
  4. No motorized vehicles, including mopeds, scooters or similar items, whether licensed or not, are allowed on the property except on the paved parking lot on the east side of Rolling Holly Drive
  5. Tennis court usage is restricted to tennis, pickleball and basketball only. To avoid damage to the new surface, no other uses are permitted: no rollerblades, skateboards, bicycles, or scooters, are allowed on the courts.  IF IT HAS WHEELS, IT IS NOT ALLOWED ON THE COURT SURFACE.  In addition, dogs are not allowed on the courts, and chalking is not allowed.
  6. All Fairfax County animal ordinances are applicable and will be enforced, including leash rules for dogs
  7. Social activities of Holly Knoll II do not include Amberwoods residents; participation may be coordinated with the Holly Knoll II HOA. Holly Knoll II may approve an Amberwoods-only social event with prior coordination
  8. Use of the facilities is limited to Amberwoods residents only and their immediate guests when accompanied by an Amberwoods resident.
  9. Facilities may not be used for any organized team practices or games, including but not limited to baseball, soccer and football. Limitation is due to a strict prohibition by Holly Knoll II HOA insurance and allowing use of facilities to be available for all and not monopolized by large groups
  10. Ownership, control, improvements and maintenance of the facilities remains entirely with and is the responsibility of Holly Knoll II.
  11. Trash must be properly placed in garbage cans on premises