Selling Your Home

Be sure your listing agent and potential buyers are aware of our Amberwoods of Great Falls website and HOA communication via email throughout the year. These communication tools are assets to living in our community and provide access to private, essential information for homeowners!

Name change to Amberwoods of Great Falls has transitioned through the legal process. Formal land records may still show the name Third Holly Knoll. When you list your home for sale be sure your real estate agent indicates Amberwoods of Great Falls in the appropriate section of the listing.

The State of Virginia mandated Disclosure Packet is requested by seller’s listing agent or Settlement Company, which includes requirement for an inspection by Alliance Community Management (ACM).  Our new HOA management company, Alliance Community Management (ACM), provides the Homeowner Inspection and Disclosure Packet. It is to your advantage to have the results of an inspection in order to remedy any infractions before closing your sale.

A $225 fee is imposed for inspection of the property for sale and submission of the Disclosure Packet.

Request the Disclosure Packet from Alliance Community Management (ACM).